Friday, 25 February 2011

Our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch

One of our very favorite places from our trip to New Zealand was hard hit by this latest earthquake.  Sumner is a beautiful seaside suburb of Christchurch.  Half of it perches on a cliff overlooking the beach and the sea, the other half nestles along the beachfront.  Sadly, the two halves are now a bit mixed together.  The good news is that the owners of the house we stayed in are alive and well.  The sad news is that the whole neighborhood has been evacuated, and many houses, like the19th century villa we stayed in are probably too damaged to stand. 

There is a short article about our hosts and their house here.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

2 months to go!

Our house is not rented.
Our stuff is not packed.
But we do have a train ticket out of here!

At the moment I am struggling with doing anything constructive, because our only potential tenant so far would be taking the place furnished, Mike has strong views about how our stuff should be stored (for free) and I have had the flu.

I think it is just so obvious that there is a last minute disorganized crisis brewing here. I need a plan....

OK - here is a plan:
  1. I will pack all the things I am taking into one drawer of my dresser.  
  2. I will take everything else to the basement and pack it into boxes.  
  3. I will let Mike deal with the boxes.