Hi, I'm Pen and I do most of the authoring on Little Rabbit's Planet. If the spirit of adventure is biting at your heels, but you can't figure out how to take off while holding on to your income, family, and prospects for your child's college future, you've come to the right place.  Our motto is 'let us go first, it might be dangerous!'  We'll tell you how we get on and if we learn anything useful, you can read it here.  Or you can just follow our adventures and see how much trouble we get into.

And now Mike will explain our travel plans in detail:
We've officially started to prepare for a small trip.  It will end where it starts.  Therefore getting there isn't actually the point.

If you'd like to know more, below are ten miscellaneous things about Pen, Mike and Antonia (but only five for Little Rabbit, who is secretive).  If you want to know anything else, just ask!

  1. Likes reading blog posts and stories and likes writing them too.
  2. Makes Flash applications for Antonia, which Antonia grows out of before they're ready. 
  3. Used to make abstract narrative murals, but now prefers rock art and photography.  
  4. Has researched the uses and meaning of gold in Italian religious art throughout the Middle Ages. 
  5. Translates from French, on subjects as diverse as hydraulic turbines or travels in Zanskar.
  6. Dabbles with advanced origami, but can't make head or tail of a crease pattern (literally).
  7. Has renovated a French farm house from nothing to high tech lair, with Mike's help.
  8. Thinks 'stuff' sucks, but loves nature.
  9. Plans to adopt a permanently mobile, digitally nomadic lifestyle with more time for researching and creating.
  10. Is quite good at making things really happen that other people were thinking of more as simple conversation.
  1. Learned to program with a hole punch and now teaches Antonia with Scratch.
  2. Has run his own IT services company since 2000, providing bijou web-hosting and development services.
  3. Solves Internet connectivity problems wherever he finds them.
  4. Was the IT department for one of  the candidates in the 2008 US presidential primaries.
  5. Likes to chat about past and future adventures over a beer.
  6. Thrives on total chaos, and is adept at creating it when necessary.
  7. Thinks skyping his friends and associates in other time zones is the perfect substitute for sleep.
  8. Is an excellent chef, adept in the specialties of many cultures.
  9. Loves photography, and wishes he had more time for it.
  10. Plans to buy an enormous flat-screen, high-def, 3-D digital television when he returns from leading a permanently mobile, digitally nomadic lifestyle.
    1. Loves dragons and has written a book on how to capture and train them.
    2. Also has significant expertise in relating to insects.
    3. Speaks two languages fluently and can ask for ice cream in several others.
    4. Has been on an average of 10 plane flights per year of her short life.
    5. Has passports from three different countries.
    6. Has been a homeschooler since Kindergarten and is transitioning to roadschooling.
    7. Has hiked the Tongoriro Crossing and the West Highland Way.
    8. Has a knack for building and modeling in three dimensions.
    9. Has her own blog at Antonia@YellowHouseHomeschool.
    10. Plans to move to New Zealand and make a living out of beachcombing.
    Little Rabbit
    1. Is a Lufthansa travel rabbit, presented to Antonia in 2004 as part of an in-flight entertainment pack.
    2. Has been to Iceland, India, New Zealand, the USA and various countries in Europe.
    3. Is female, and gets very angry when people fail to notice.
    4. Frequently has behavioral issues, but means well.
    5. Likes carrots.