Where we are now...

Where we're going...
Mike and Pen are going on an actual organised cruise from Southampton to Lisbon and the southern coast of Spain. 

Where we've been...
The other thing that makes me feel good is the list of places we've been in the past:

  • Cambodia: Phnom Penh & Angkor Wat
  • China: we stayed about six weeks including a side trip to Hong Kong
  • India, twice.  We've been around Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and of course Delhi and Mumbai
  • Indonesia: we've all been to Bali, but it was Mike and Antonia who really stayed there
  • Japan: Mike's worked in Tokyo, and for a while the rest of us had to make do with short but much enjoyed stopovers in Narita. Since then, Pen has spent two months in Kyoto and hiked the surrounding area in 2011 and Antonia and Pen went on a girls-only holiday to northern Japan in 2017
  • Laos:part of Mike & Antonia's worst bus trip ever
  • Malaysia: we stopped off in a few places on a boat, and another few places on the train
  • Mongolia: Mike & Antonia's tour as part of the Trans-Monglian train trip
  • Nepal: Kathamandu, and what they deign to call a 'honeymoon trek' in the mountains
  • Singapore: a short but sweet stopover on our RTW trip.
  • Thailand: Bangkok, on our RTW trip
  • Reunion: a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, technically part of France and rather like a Tardis - larger on the inside than the outside!
  • Vietnam: Pen roamed the length of the country from north to south and Mike and Antonia joined her in Hanoi

  • Austria: Vienna for a short trip with a friend, a few days on the shores of Lake Constance in autumn 2016 & Bad Kleinkirchheim for Christmas 2017
  • Belgium: brief stop in Bruges and another in Brussels
  • Czech Republic: Prague, for a short trip to visit a friend
  • Denmark: Cophenhagen, on a school band trip, way back a long time ago and again in summer 2017
  • England: lots of places, but the highlights are London, the Pennine Way, York, Scarborough, Stonehenge
  • Estonia: a short stop in Talinn, which we loved
  • Finland: cross-country skiing in Iso-Syote for Christmas 2016, then Helsinki for WorldCon in summer 2017
  • France: lots of places,but the highlights are our honeymoon Tour de France, which went, well, everywhere, and our own Alps and pre-Alps
  • Germany: Munich and the Bavarian castles a short drive to the south.  We've also been to Kassel for the Documenta contemporary art show. Cologne and Hamburg a couple of times.
  • Hungary: a few days in Budapest
  • Iceland: we drove round the main perimeter on a fabulous, nearly impromptu holiday, then did it again in summer 2015. Since then, we've dropped in a couple of times.
  • Ireland: Dublin and Newgrange, Connemara
  • Italy: Tuscany, Venice, Rome including Vatican City, Naples and surrounding country
  • Luxembourg: most boring childhood holiday ever (sorry Luxembourg)
  • Monaco: short excursion from the French Cote d'Azur
  • Netherlands: camping in Holland + HAR 2009 for Mike
  • Poland: Mike keeps going there on work trips
  • Portugal: Lisbon and surrounding country
  • Russia: on the Trans-Siberian
  • San Marino: day trip for Mike
  • Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Skye, Orkney, West Highland Way and other Highlands
  • Slovakia: short but very pleasant excursion to Bratislava
  • Spain: Andalousia, Barcelona, and parts of Catalonia to the north-east, Madrid - read about Antonia and Pen's girly camper van trip here.
  • Sweden: on a school band trip, way back a long time ago, then Stockholm for a couple of days, much more recently
  • Switzerland: we keep going to Geneva for various reasons but our fun trip was to Gruyere and Fribourg
  • Wales: mostly Portmeirion, home of The Prisoner

Middle East:
  • Israel : a longish but interesting trip, before Penny knew how to plan trips or understood that Mike doesn't (plan trips, that is)

North America:
  • Arizona, USA:
  • California, USA: we just sort of keep ending up there
  • Connecticut, USA: to see family
  • Delaware, USA: on a hunt for horseshoe crabs
  • Florida: Mike & Antonia have been to Disney
  • Idaho, USA:
  • Illinois, USA: If I have an excuse to go to Chicago, I take it
  • Louisiana, USA: New Orleans and surrounding country, before all the hell broke loose
  • Mexico: Mike's been there, on Spring Break or something like that, before he moved to Europe
  • Massachusetts: Boston and Martha's Vineyard, in November!!! Ugh.
  • Maryland, USA: to see family
  • Nevada, USA: home of Las Vegas, where we've been a couple of times
  • New Jersey, USA:
  • New Mexico, USA:
  • New York, USA: to see family. I finally got to see the Statue of Liberty, though.
  • Ohio, USA: to visit a friend
  • Oregon, USA: to visit family, with a trip to volcano country
  • Pennsylvania, USA: home of Philadelphia, Penny's least un-favorite city on the East Coast (sorry, East Coast)
  • Texas, USA: Mike is going for work
  • Wyoming, USA: home of Yellowstone
  • Washington, USA:
  • Washington DC, USA: which isn't a state
  • Ontario, Canada: Toronto and Niagara Falls, so far
  • Quebec, Canada
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • New Brunswick, Canada
  • Newfoundland, Canada
The Atlantic:
  • The Lesser Antilles
  • The Canary Islands

  • American Samoa
  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • Hawaii, USA: Mike was there, a long time ago, and we all went, during the RTW trip
  • New Caledonia
  • New Zealand: most fabulous life-changing holiday of all time