Wednesday 24 January 2018

Planning for summer 2018: Tokyo

In the past, we've only blogged trips on Little Rabbit's Planning. After a couple of days of migraine-inducing marathon planning for Summer 2018, I set myself a limit of 1 hour/day and decided to blog the process.

Today, I'm figuring out mine and Antonia’s accommodation in Tokyo. Tokyo is a little overwhelming. Also, it looks like one of those Japanese spirits you see in anime. On one of its hungry days. Also, it has spots, although to be fair, I put them there.

First, I need to decide whether we will stay in Tokyo on the last night or in Narita which is nearer the airport. The flight is at 10.40 which means we need to reach the airport by 8.40. The journey takes over an hour and this means we would have to be at Ueno Station in Tokyo by 7.15-ish, which might mean getting up around 6.00. Alternatively, if we take the train from Narita, the journey takes less than 20 minutes or there's the hotel's shuttle bus.

That sounds like the more comfortable option, so Narita it is. I always end up in the same hotel in Narita, the U-City. It's absolutely fine, very good value for money and very, very convenient.  We're √°lready staying there on our arrival in Japan.

My next task is to figure out some Tokyo accommodation. In order to do that, I need to decide which day we'll arrive on. I thought I would do a quick check on accommodation prices in Tokyo before I make this momentous decision. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of choice. Surprisingly, it's not too expensive. I also realized that I would need to make a decision about which area I wanted to stay in.

To do that, I need some kind of activity plan, so I took to the internet and read a few pages of the '40 Best Things To Do In Tokyo' variety. Armed with a shortlist of ones I liked the sound of, I started placing them on Google Maps. There's a cluster around Ueno Station, so I'll fine tune my searches around there.

I still have to pick a number of days, but I’ll be doing that tomorrow because my planning hour is up.