Friday 24 July 2009

Minicamp in Northern Holland - the plan

It's not like Pen to waste time or opportunities. When Mike first said he was going to a Hacker's convention on a campsite in Holland, he was going to be driving up with a fellow geek. Then he decided he wasn't going up for over two weeks like his friend, so he was looking for a new driving partner. Pen thought it might as well be her.

And when Pen decides something, she plans it! Usually at 3 o'clock in the morning while her adrenalin is all fired up. So here it is: Minicamp in Northern Holland for Pen, Antonia and Little Rabbit.

  • Wednesday 12 August: get up early and drive for about 10 hours, yuck!
  • Thursday 13 August: drive from the Hackers campsite at Vierhouten to Hoorn across the Markemeer. Set up at Camping ‘t Venhop. Visit the local beaches, canals and the city of Hoorn in the afternoon.
  • Friday 14 August: train to Amsterdam. Walk around the city, afternoon visit of the Rijksmuseum masterpieces collection, train back to Hoorn.
  • Saturday 15 August: visit the Zaanse Schans: windmills, old stuff, boat trips and pancake restaurant.
  • Sunday 16 August: relax in the local area, possibly renting a boat or bike. Take a short drive to visit Edam.
  • Monday 17 August : catch up with Mike, or just start driving back. Maybe stop in Luxembourg or somewhere.
There's only one problem with Pen's planning. Mike does not believe in planning. Already he is changing his mind about which day he wants to go up and being vague about what time we might want to arrive, where we will all sleep when we get there and how he wants to get back and who with. It looks like anything could happen. That sort of thing drives Pen crazy. It means no bookings can be made and no budget can be worked out. It means she has nightmares of sleeping in the car in a layby with a child and other similar 'adventures'.

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