Thursday 23 July 2009

About us

What's it all about?

We're a work-at-home, school-at-home family who ended up traveling so much that we decided to try to turn it into a way of life and become a work-on-the-road, school-on-the-road family.

Quite a few families take round the world tours these days. Usually, they save hard, take sabbaticals (for the parents) and a year off school (for the kids) and travel intensively. What we hope to do has to be sustainable in terms of finance, work and education, so that we keep going indefinitely. At the moment, we're in the phase of figuring out how to make that happen, whilst still doing the usual traveling of course.

Meet the family

Michael is obsessed with the Internet/Computers/Telephony. His world is accessible from any computer anywhere with an Internet connection. Clearly, Mike has no need to travel, but it doesn't hurt him either. He's along for the ride. He is the one who coined the motto 'Adventure is waiting for us'. As far as he is concerned, Adventure could be waiting for quite a while.

Penelope has spent much of her life with her nose in a book. Now she'd like to write one instead. And travel the world. And have adventures. Because it's just as well to have things straight up front and to be very clear: all this is absolutely all Penny's fault.

Antonia is various things depending on her mood. She has been a dragon, a fox, a rabbit, a bird and so on. She also gets older, bigger and possibly wiser rather more conspicuously than the rest of us. Beaches are an important part of any travel plans she makes.

And who is Little Rabbit?

Little Rabbit was given to Antonia as part of the kiddie-package on some airplane - we think it was Lufthansa. That was many, many years ago. She (it's a female rabbit, of course!) has been traveling with us ever since while plusher, larger toys stayed safely home in bed. She has been scrubbed and repaired on numerous occasions. She has been lost, briefly, and found again. She was born to travel and her vagabonding skills have only improved with experience, so she was naturally suited to the role of travel blog mascot.

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