Thursday 23 September 2010

The Got-Done List

This is a daily record of what actually got done to prepare for our trip.  I kind of wish I had started this earlier, it would have been interesting to see all the work that got done.  But earlier, I didn't have to do things daily, whereas now, the heat is on.
  • Felt overwhelmed.
  • Had a meeting with Mike to try to settle what needs to be done about furniture in this house if it is to be let furnished.  The conclusion was that he strongly wishes to let the house furnished and so we need to 'refresh' some of the furniture in order to do that.  We have not reached a decision about storage of our personal stuff, what to do about the supply of wood for heating or how to arrange management of the house.
  • Made a load of to do lists, and set aside time to go over the house room by room for things that need doing and to make an inventory.
  • Worked on preparing myself mentally for seven months of life in the USA (which I may post about elsewhere).

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