Wednesday 17 November 2010

Disney World Magic Kingdom Tuesday

Yesterday was the first day at Disney. I lost my Disney pass and it wasn't a very good day for Grandpa either because he hit is knee very hard trying to get us some ice cream. It was bleeding very bad and we had to go to first aid. We went on a dumbo ride. We went on a space ride that was exactly like the dumbo ride. In the morning we went to Disney Quest. We made a roller coaster and rode on it.

Today I went to on three hyper good rides at Disney World Magic Kingdom. Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain. Splash Mountain was the scariest because you're on a boat and at the end they throw you over a 52 foot waterfall. After that we went to a water park named Blizzard Beach. Daddy lost part of his sun glasses again. I loved going down the big slide that you have to have 4 people in the boat. The wave pool is very wavy and the water was quite cold.

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