Monday 15 November 2010


I hate maths,
I hate maths,
I hate maths
more than having baths.
When it comes to maths
there are no more
horrible maths!

1 comment:

  1. Think of a number,
    This will be fun!
    Is the number you thought of:
    The lone number One?

    It's not One you say?
    Oh, what will I do.
    OK then, perhaps,
    Was it number Two?

    It's not two you say?
    Well how can that be.
    I know it, I know it:
    You were thinking of Three!

    Oh dear, that's not right,
    So sorry to bore.
    I've got it, I've got it:
    The number was Four!

    Again that was wrong,
    Well saints be alive!
    I'm certain this time,
    Your number was Five?

    Oh no, this is bad,
    I'm in quite a fix.
    I don't suppose, perhaps then, the number was Six?

    Oh dash it! Oh curses! Oh Einstein in Heaven!
    Now tell me, no really, it must have been Seven!!

    Not Seven, not Seven,
    My skills seem light-weight.
    I'm certain this time though,
    The number was Eight!

    You're having a laugh now,
    Just give me a sign!
    I think quite completely,
    Your number was Nine.

    I've run out of fingers,
    You say it's not Ten.
    My counting is basic,
    Please let's start again...