Friday 2 November 2012

Day 581: Manga

Today, instead of anime, I did manga.  I'm actually not a big, big fan of manga despite its links to anime.  I like my comic strips coloured in, like the French/Belgian ones. I rarely even buy those, because I hate to spend so much money on something I can read so fast. But I found out the Manga Museum had a free open day today so it was definitely worth going along.  The Manga Museum should probably be called a library.  It has a few little exhibitions in odd corners, but it's basically many, many bookshelves filled with manga comics.  They call this the manga wall. There is a long wall dedicated to translated manga, with plenty in English and French as well as other European and Asian languages. There are tables and a cafe where you can read and that's about it.  I stayed and read manga for a several hours. Course, I couldn't really take any photos of the manga, so here are a few bits of Kyoto I visited during the last few days.

Inside a temple compound, the Tojo I think
More of the same temple

The Kyoto Tower reflected in modern buildings
The riverside walk
Old style houses along the river banks