Saturday 3 December 2011

Day 243: Not Hartz Peak

Our hostess has a thing about saving water, which isn't surprising because we are dependent on rainwater here.  She was pointing out to Mike that aborigines wash by rubbing themselves with mud.  Today we put this procedure to the test and found it unsatisfactory!  Actually, it seems to have rained pretty frequently since we got here and there is plenty of mud around.  Today, we tried to go for a hike up nearby Hartz peak.  First, we drove down the wrong dirt track for several miles (but at least the car got a thorough 'washing').  Next, we drove to the peak, got out of the car and got back in again.  It wasn't quite a blizzard up there, but heading in that direction. We drove down again, found a place where it was much warmer and began picnicking in the sun.  Then we retreated back to the car to finish our picnic in a rain shower!  That is very typical of what the weather has been like here so far.  We did finally manage to go for three very lovely short walks, during which we only got rained on a bit.  Despite the constant mixture of mud and water, we still felt we needed showers when we got back!

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