Thursday 8 December 2011

Day 248: South Bruny National Park

Bay on South Bruny Island
It feels strange to be waiting for a north wind for it to get warm, but we are in the southern hemisphere.  We got the north wind today and are frankly hot.  We went for a hike at the very end of Bruny Island, which is perhaps the most accessible piece of wilderness for us.  We have discovered that echidnas are pretty common around here, but it's only when they're hanging out on the beach that they're really photogenic.  We can all throw away all our other echidna pictures now.

A friendly echidna

In the evening we went to a sitar concert at a local 'pub', Brookfields at Margate, which is really a barn converted into an all purpose restaurant/meeting room/hangout/gift shop.  Although in some ways it looks a bit like the English countryside around here, there is a far higher density of very nice places to eat and fun things going on than I am used to in the rural parts of England that I know best.  The fact of being near a state capital shows, I guess.


  1. Hello,

    Je vous ai envoyé un long message mais je ne sais pas si vous l'avez reçu, car je ne le retrouve pas.
    J'ai du me tromper dans le type de profil

    Je refais un essai ici.

    Dites moi si vous l'avez reçu.

    Je vous embrasse.


  2. 13 days since the last post...
    Even Mike isn't replying to Facebook messages..
    Where will y'all be for Xmas??