Thursday 29 December 2011

Day 269: Melbourne Museum

Written by Antonia:

Today daddy and I went to the Melbourne museum. First we went to see some dinosaur skeletons. There were little videos of what they might have looked like in action. Daddy took a picture of me and a big bone a bit bigger than me. Next we saw crystals of all coulours shapes and sizes. Daddy wonders how they got the giant rock with crystals on them into the museum. Then we saw a 3D movie on going threw a lava tunnel. It was thery cool. Then we found lots of real stuffed animals from polar bears to okapi. We found something (that look like a camera-television) that you rotated that showed and gave the name of the animals. We got tired and went to see some mind illusions. It was time to go so we we walked to the tram and went back to the hotel.

Antonia resting after a hard day in the museum

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