Saturday 14 July 2012

Day 470: Siem Reap

Siem Reap, the town that serves Angkor, is a really lovely place to hang out. Obviously, there are enough tourists and money coming in that the place is all bright, freshly painted and filled to the brim with restaurants. And shops and stalls selling tee-shirts and other souvenirs of course.  The funniest, which I didn't buy because I wouldn't really wear it, is a tee-shirt that says NO TUK-TUK, NO MASSAGE, NO POSTCARD. The Cambodians do have a great sense of humour, though I actually wonder who it was who came up with that one!

The Old Market
Restaurants and cafes in the streets around the old market

The rigors of surviving in Australia on a Euro-American budget are still close enough that I know to feel grateful and slightly astonished when I walk into any restaurant I like the look of and order anything I want off the menu (remember when we were surviving on potatoes and whatever fish and seafood came out of the d'Entrecasteaux Channel?). On the other hand there is that sinking feeling that we could get used to this, and then... what is it going to be like going back to London!

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