Tuesday 17 July 2012

Day 473: I spent a week at Angkor and all you're getting are a couple of strange photos

I'm not just being mean.  Angkor Wat is so massive it can really be appreciated in a photograph.  And in so far as it can, a lot of people have done much better jobs than we can.  Also I was so overawed by the whole thing I didn't really think of trying to photograph it.

Antonia on Angkorian ground!  I waited twenty years for this and it didn't disappoint me.  She is only half that age and barely realises how many wonders of the world she's seen already.

Do I look happy?  Or do I look like someone whose attention has been distracted from a wonder of the world, but who is also conscious of the fact that she will be getting in three days of solid, solitary art history later on.

Well, OK then.  Here is just a little bit of the innermost and uppermost part of Angkor Wat.

P.S.  Message to my Mum - This is part of a batch of posts that starts with Bangkok about two and a half weeks ago and aren't being published in order.  So, if you really don't want to miss anything, wait a bit and then scroll down.

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