Monday 23 July 2012

Days 477 to 479: Mekong Delta Tour

I took a three day organised trip to the Mekong Delta with TLK travel.  It's not the kind of thing I do very often, but it's probably a good way to see the delta.  We were constantly switching between buses and boats, then walking short distances and getting picked up again in a way that would be very hard to organise individually. Cruises in the Mekong are very expensive, but this was a bus tour, and we did spend quite a lot of time on buses.  I realised what a lazy traveller I am usually, because I found the whole thing a bit gruelling, though it did give me the chance to get the hang of the environment. We covered a lot of ground and a lot of different areas: villages accessed by paths a car couldn't get down, or only by boat, larger towns, small businesses, temples and mosques. For some reason there were lots of sweet and snack businesses included, so much that I really lived on 1 meal a day.  The only disadvantage was that we didn't spend a lot of time in any environment.  I did get to hang out with some really fun people from many different countries, which is a big advantage of group travel.

A typical Vietnamese rest stop.

First boat ride
Floating market

The riverfront

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