Wednesday 17 August 2011

Day 134: George Washington Inn

We are near Port Angeles with Canada right across the sound from us and the Pacific Ocean not that far away, and for the first time in ages it's cool and cloudy and a bit reminiscent of Scotland.  It feels very nice to have that for a change.  I think part of the reason it reminds me of Scotland is that we're in the grounds of a big manor house that's now a hotel.  We have a flat in the coachhouse.  All around us, there are views of the lavender they've decided to grow here (that's not very Scottish obviously, but I could pretend it's heather), and on one side there are mountains, and the other side the sea.  There are blackberries in the hedgerows and tadpoles in the ditches.  About the only thing we did all day was go to the farmer's market and buy food. 

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