Wednesday 31 August 2011

Days 150-152: Roadtrip from Sandpoint to Rapid City

One of the great pleasures of America turns out to be driving across the country on those big, wide, empty roads with hardly any traffic and rolling, equally empty land all around you.  It isn't exactly an innocent pleasure, what with the gas consumption, but it is something special.  We had really interesting weather, with alternating thunderstorms and clear skies.  Perhaps it is starting to be autumnal here, though it's hard for me to tell.  In Idaho, birds were gathering on electric wires and out here in Montana and Wyoming, flocks of geese fly in V formation overhead.  I love the feeling of not really knowing where I am or where I will stop, and knowing for sure that nobody else does either.  Antonia and I have indulged in various things like buying junk food in gas stations and driving off to those rare rest stops in the middle of nowhere to consume it.  Somewhere in the middle of all that, I finally got to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, which I borrowed from our friend's daughter.  It's kind of the literary equivalent of indulging in candy, and maybe not a great idea when I had to drive the next day, but I must admit that I quite enjoyed myself.

Sorry, no photographs of this roadtrip, because I can't take photos and drive, and Antonia was immersed in her DS.

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