Saturday 7 January 2012

Day 278: Buchan Caves near Orbost, Victoria, Australia

Some catching up here from our trip between Melbourne and Sydney.

After Phillip Island, we stayed the night near Orbost, Victoria.  The day we spent there we visited Buchan Caves, about a 40 minute drive from our hotel.  We went in two separate caves: The Fairy Cave and the Royal Cave.  Both were spectacular.  These are some of the best caves I've ever seen.  Almost in every "room", in every direction, there was something to see, and it was very varied.

Not ice!  Calcite stalactites in front, a "bacon" curtain behind 

This looked like gold dust spilling out of a hole in the wall

Hard to see but this was very sparkly and what gives Fairy Cave it's name

Though I managed to avoid this in most of my photos, most of the cave is protected with this sort of chicken wire.  Too many people have been tempted in the past and unfortunately this is necessary.

More very large "bacon", this was about 80cm tall.