Saturday 21 January 2012

Day 292: Lake Hayes

This time we went on an easy hike for real.  We drove 15 minutes out of Arrowtown and parked beside Lake Hayes.  I figured it is not possible to get lost while walking around a lake, provided you keep it on the same side of you at all times, and I was right!!  We had a very easy, short, uneventful stroll along paths and boardwalks with nice views and a picnic at a lovely beach using some giant trees as a windbreak.  That's why the biggest adventure of the day was watching a Swedish couple put together their assemblable canoe (it comes in a bag and looks like a meccano set), paddle almost over to our beach with their six-month baby aboard, then disassemble and repack the canoe back at the car park.  We also found some little wild plums that didn't seem to belong to anybody, so we helped ourselves.

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