Wednesday 25 January 2012

Day 296: Macetown again

This is one of those 'Penny went to Macetown, and all we got is this lousy drawing of a tree' situations.  That's because I accidentally on purpose forgot the big, heavy camera.
 Our last attempt to get to Macetown, the abandoned mining town near Arrowtown nearly ended in disaster.  I couldn't let it go, and planned to walk there along the 4WD road (about 30 km return).  The rest of the family weren't having it, though they did wonder if they might wander out a bit towards the evening to see how I was doing. I suggested that they might gather my near-lifeless body tenderly in their arms, carry me home and feed me a glass of wine, a delicious three-course meal and some birthday cake.  Mike was giving this idea slow and serious consideration, when a sweet, innocent little voice piped up from the back of the car.  'Fat chance, Mummy,' it said briskly.  "Fat chance!'  So I knew what to expect.

Actually, the walk turned out to be easy and pleasant.  It takes me just over 3 hours to walk 15 km and I arrived under that tree in good time for an early lunch and a bit of drawing.  There is really not a lot left of Macetown.  Just a couple of reconstructed buildings, some ruined walls and some clumps of these kinds of trees, the kind you find where humans have been living.  When I arrived, I had the place to myself, but soon after other picnickers turned up... in 4 wheel drives, quads and mountain bikes, but no others on foot. I started walking back at about 2pm.  On my way out, I was mostly in the shade of the hills, but now the sun had moved overhead and the bare hills were certainly quite blazingly bright.  Fortunately, it wasn't too hot, so I got home under my own steam and even got my own glass of wine!

Addition:  Mike did cook me a marvellous dinner all ready by the time I got home, and Antonia offered to rub my feet (after they were showered)...

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