Thursday 1 September 2011

Day 152: Rapid City

We finally arrived in Rapid City and I couldn't quite believe the drive was over.  The last part of I-90 around the north of the Black Hills was really beautiful, like driving through open parkland.  It's actually one of the few American landscapes I have really fallen in love with at first sight.  For some reason, I really wanted to be in Rapid City, and now that I am, I'm very pleased about it.  We are staying in what was probably once a typical American suburban house - that is, one that's pretty much within walking distance of the town centre.  The houses are small and close together, but they all have their little yards at the front and back.  Inside the house is all done in a retro style, with some of the furniture being the sort my grandmother used to have, small rooms and no real air conditioning.  It's lovely.  I'm hoping to find it really inspiring here, and finally get to the bottom of some pieces of work I have on the go.  I expect we will spend tomorrow cleaning the van, shopping for food and catching up on lessons.

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