Sunday 4 September 2011

Day 155: Dinosaur Park

Antonia with Richard Nixon... oh wait... that was yesterday.
 The nice thing about Rapid City is that it's nearly all historic district.  The houses on our side of town centre are old, then there is another neighborhood on the other side that is a bit fancier but also old.  What's really interesting about both these areas is how very small some of the houses are, though they're mixed in with larger ones.   The neighbourhoods have a lived-in look, with trees and bushes overgrowing the paving stones and pushing them up with their roots and bits of grass escaping between the cracks.  We walked to the dinosaur park at the top of a hill overlooking the city.  Walking, of course, is not the popular choice, even in such a small place as this, but we managed it. The dinosaur park turns out to be more of a historic monument than an insight into what we think dinosaurs look like today. I think they do not take dinosaurs nearly as seriously as they take presidents around here.  The park has five very old concrete dinosaurs with foolish expressions on their faces and frozen tails.  Antonia had a great time climbing all over them, which is what they are for.  One of the funniest things was watching our fellow visitors at the park.  So many of the adults were radically out of breath, just making the short walk from the car park up the stairs to the first dinosaur!  Even if they were young and did not look particularly fat.  Well, actually it's not funny... that is a really sorry, pathetic level of average fitness.  That makes me look like an Olympic athlete on my worst day.

Antonia with... er... Triceratops.  Triceratops for President!  Yay!

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