Wednesday 14 September 2011

Day 164: Jewel Cave

This is the first miserable, cold, wet day I've seen in months and we planned to spend it in a cave.  Jewel cave gets its name from being covered in a several inch thick layer of calcite crystals.  The tours are very interesting, but there are limited numbers, so it's very advisable to book them in advance.  Apparently, thousands of people are disappointed each year!  There are so many National Parks, Monuments and Memorials in this area that Antonia has been earning several Junior Ranger badges per week.  Paradoxically, we have found ourselves in the strange position of sitting around doing very little while she works on crosswords and word searches.  The program definitely has its ups and downs, though one of the ups is that she is enjoying it very much.  Some of the sites have programs that are much more educational than others....

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