Saturday 9 June 2012

Day 435: Perth Hills

We drove the 40 minutes inland to go hiking in the Perth hills.  Nice walk, but the most exciting parts of the day were petting wild parrots and kangaroos.  The parrots were at a cafe that makes a point of feeding them and sells birdseed for the purpose.  The kangaroos, on the other hand were at a picnic site.  People are not really supposed to feed them because a) it is bad for the kangaroos and b) it makes them demanding towards human beings. The kangaroos here are very used to human's feeding them.  Sure enough, an adult grey kangaroo reared at Antonia and pushed her with its front paws.  It didn't hurt her, but it frightened her quite a bit.  Besides that, we had a nice walk counting the various kinds of eucalyptus pod we could find.

Grey kangaroos, running away, for once.

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