Sunday 16 October 2011

Day 196: Kiwi birthday cakes

Antonia had kiwi cakes for her birthday.  They are eating larvae (jelly beans) because that's what kiwis eat.  Strangely enough, the jelly beans in that container really did disappear somewhere and I didn't get a single one!

Actually, we did nothing much but eat today.  We went for New Mexican breakfast at the Tecolote cafe at the end of our street.  New Mexican breakfast is eggs and potatoes and stuff like that, but covered in red and green chilli sauce.

Then we did nothing but mooch all day.

Then we had artichoke petals, pizza and kiwi cakes for supper with the lady who owns the house we're staying in.  We had a very nice evening, especially because it's the first time we've had someone over to dinner for a while!

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