Thursday 27 October 2011

Day 207: Las Vegas

We made it to Las Vegas at sunset, and the first thing we learned is that the hotels here are very large and very filled with casinos.  Well, actually, I guess Mike knew that already.  It is a long, long way from where we parked the van to our room on the 35th floor, and we are supposed to be repacking!  Everything here is set up to encourage you to spend lots of money in the Casino, so most other things are very inexpensive, but a lot of facilities like the pool and the fitness room shut down at 6pm, so people don't get distracted.  Then they start serving very cheap alcohol so that you can lose your inhibitions. 

Fake New York
I had my first experience of an all-you-can-eat American buffet, for free.  In fact, neither Mike nor I had to pay:  We did pay seventeen dollars for Antonia who ate next to nothing.  It's easy to see how people can get overweight on stuff like this.  Mike and I had five-course dinners, except I think he may have had five desserts as well.  Antonia had candyfloss for dessert. That would explain why we spent most of the next day mooching around the pool and in the hot tub.


The real reason for being here was to look at the architectural excesses of the strip.  My favorite is the shopping mall that looks like Venice, though the model of New York complete with roller coaster is pretty cool too. 

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