Thursday 13 October 2011

Day 193: Balloon Ride

By Antonia:
Today, Thursday, Daddy and I woke up at 5 AM and drove to Albuquerque to get on a hot air balloon. We watched the balloon become bigger and bigger.  We made a few videos of it.  When it was ready we got in and watched as the scenery got farther and farther away.  We stayed on one side of a pretty river called the Rio Grande and then came to the other side.  The balloon driver steered the balloon two feet away from the water.  When we landed on a place near the road the crew which followed us did up the balloon.  It was customary after a balloon flight to have champagne (I had orange juice).  The crew drove us to the original take off spot and we drove home. 

Actually, she forgot to mention that this was the second attempt at getting up at 5am and driving for one hour to try to get a balloon ride.  The first day was just too windy for them to go up.  I'm glad they made it at last because this was her tenth birthday treat.  I think this is a pretty amazing thing to have done by ten years old.  The whole family is now recovering from far too many late nights and early mornings chasing round after balloons!

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