Sunday 23 October 2011

Day 203: Monument Valley

A formation near Monument Valley
Our destination today was Monument Valley which Mike had always wanted to visit.  It has two amazing rock formation that have appeared in a whole lot of films.  It is on Navaho tribal land and they have organised a park that works a bit like a National Park: same kind of visitor centre, same kind of facilities, but of course our National Park pass didn't work.  Anyway, we got to do this amazing 17 mile drive over rough dusty roads and admire the rocks that you can see here. 

The famous mittens

It was very nearly sunset by the time we finished so we decided to camp just over the road in Goulding.  By the time we had the campsite paid for, we realised we were just over the border from Arizona, in Utah.  It was 7.45, not 6.45 and we had better go find some dinner.  So we didn't even choose a camping spot, we went straight to a restaurant, with the aim of trying Native American food.  It seems like Indian taco is the real big thing in Indian territory.  At the contemporary art museum in Santa Fe, they even had a whole movie dedicated to Indian taco.  It is a taco shell, with beef chilli (usually), topped with cheese and chopped lettuce, onion and tomato.  We had also discovered fried bread in Taos.  This is where you take ordinary bread dough and deep fry it.  It comes up as an enormous puffy disk that is delicious, and not very good for you.  Combine these two things and you get what this restaurant was offering as Navaho taco.  If you don't feel like deep-frying bread dough, you can get a similar effect with Yorkshire pudding, henceforth to be known as the Yorkshire taco.

A hand looking for its mittens?

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