Tuesday 29 November 2011

Day 239: Tasmania

Our system for getting to the other end of Tasmania involves renting two small cars to drive all of us and our luggage, then returning one of them in Hobart the same day.  It pretty much went like clockwork though it was a bit gruelling.  The nice part is that the sides of the road are littered with very nice places to stop and eat breakfast and lunch.  The landscape is beautiful, the trees have a reddish tinge and an echidna decided to take a little walk across the road in front of Mike's car.  We have now seen both surviving monotremes in real life.  Our house turns out to be more 'on the beach' than I could possibly have imagined and everyone loves it, but I am too tired to want to do much more than sleep in it today.  In the evening, we looked out across the Entrecasteaux channel and saw more dolphins.

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