Monday 12 March 2012

Day 344: Napier

My parents were here to look at Art Deco buildings. Many years ago, Napier was flattened by and earthquake and the city decided to rebuild in the style of the times. Mike and I kind of left them to it and went to mooch around - an activity that ended in me buying a possum sweater.  Finally Mike and I have matching possum sweaters.  It may sound a strange thing to have, but possums are not popular in New Zealand.  In fact, they are one of many kinds of plant and animal life which is unpopular here.  Everywhere you go in New Zealand, there are traps, signs warning of poisoned bait and injunctions to clean your water-based equipment, or your hiking and camping gear so that you don't spread undesirable species into new areas.  It's a battle for its endemic and native species that I don't know if New Zealand can ever fully win, but which if would be even more devastating to just give up on.

In the afternoon, we drove to Lake Taupo in the rain and set about the task of finding an affordable motel room containing a private spa tub.  Taupo falls into the geothermal section of New Zealand and most motels offer tubs at varying rates.  We succeeded, and I spent as much of the next two days as possible soaking in hot water. Aaaaah!

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