Saturday 24 March 2012

Day 356: Circular walk with two ferries

Us posing on a mangrove boardwalk - Antonia and I are looking bored and resigned because it is the fourth time we've done this.  Mike is looking really excited and in to what he's doing.
 Today, for once it isn't raining, so we set off on a long circular hike from our house through forests and mangrove swamps over to Russell.  There we caught the ferry to Paihia, returned to Opua along the beach and more mangroves and caught the ferry back to Okiato.  It started raining when we about halfway along this last section, so Antonia and I got soaked while Mike destroyed his umbrella.  Lucky it isn't cold here!  The highlights of the walk were the fantail couples following us through the forest, the boardwalks over the mangrove swamps and the sailing boats all over the place.  It was nice to get back and into a nice warm bath, as if I wasn't wet enough already. 

Beautiful old style sailing ship seen from the ferry

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