Saturday 12 May 2012

Day 407: Moreton Island

The beached ferry!
I decided we had to do a day trip to Moreton Island, so we spent an hour trying to book ferry tickets over Mike's cell phone.  Then we spent about $50 on a taxi to get us to the ferry terminal!  There is no other way to do it other than to take an organised tour, which frankly would have cost us an extra $30 for a lot less hassle.  Anyway, I was glad we went, because the ferry drops you on Moreton Island beach, right beside a line of wrecks where everyone goes snorkeling.  This may well be my main snorkeling adventure of the trip and I really liked swimming beside the wrecks. You get a really nice sense of depth when you swim beside them. I don't know how long they had been there, but they had already attracted quite big coral growths, lots of fish and the odd shark (the safer kind) and turtle.  Antonia and I have one set of snorkeling gear between us.  I can wear her flippers and goggles but not Mike's.  She can just about wear my wetsuit.  She looks kind of ridiculous in it, but it gives her a lot of buoyancy.  She needed it because it is quite a longish, deep swim from the beach to the wrecks, through a channel with a strongish current flowing through it.  Nothing much to an adult, but a bit challenging for a ten-year-old.

Part of the line of wrecks

After that we hiked along the beach to the resort to find some fish and chips, hiked back and went for another quick swim, before hopping back on the ferry.  That's about all you have time to do on a day trip to Moreton Island.
I don't suppose we will find one this big at Scarborough!

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