Wednesday 16 May 2012

Day 411: Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation

Antonia's sculpture at Cape Tribulation

This was our first look at real tropical rainforest.  Antonia was sure we would get stung, scratched, bitten, pecked by cassowaries, eaten alive by triffids or saltwater crocodiles and I don't know what else.  Mike was the one who got a leech.  We didn't notice this until several hours after he had somehow brushed it off himself and we discovered he was leaving a trail of blood everywhere he went.  Fortunately, we were having coffee at a rainforest centre when we discovered this, and the guys there took it in their stride.  "Leech bite, mate?  No worries!"  Hmmm, a bit of surgery and a bandage later, and Mike is all ready to meet the sharks tomorrow.  We went to look at a mangrove swamp from a boardwalk after that, and were careful this time to avoid leaning against things.

Mike collecting leeches
Mangrove Swamp

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