Friday 25 May 2012

Days 418 to 420: The Ghan

... by Antonia.

We are on a two day train ride from Darwin to Adelaide.  It's a nice ride through the outback of Australia.  I'm doing my work and looking out the window.  The train we're on is called the Ghan and it's huge.  In fact, it's nearly a kilometre long.  Outside the train, the scenery keeps changing.  Sometimes it's savannah and sometimes it's forest, and sometimes it's a bit in the middle.  In some areas the ground is black and looks like it got burnt.  Sometimes you see a couple of termite mounds pass by the window.  I have to do my lessons on the train so I've been busy. Yes... Work... Work as I watch Mummy listening to her Walkman and looking out the window and Daddy relaxing and reading the magazine.  Well, it's not that bad... And plus the train stops in Katherine where Daddy and I will get off and go on a cultural tour where we'll learn about art.  Mummy will also get off but she's going on a boat ride tour.  Tomorrow when we're in Alice Springs we'll all go for a camel ride.  Yay! and it's suposed to be 'relaxing'.  Well, that's it folks.

The Boat Tour

Our genial hosts
The crocodile they found for us to look at

The Cultural Tour

Mike and Antonia learn to paint...
... make fire ...
... and throw spears
(you'd almost think orange and white was the official school uniform, wouldn't you?)

The Camel Tour

Contrary to popular belief, they are pleasant, peaceful and comfortable to ride. 
Plus, I don't seem to be allergic to them.

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