Monday 28 May 2012

Day 423: Barossa Valley

Today we took an outing from Adelaide to the Barossa Valley which is one of the major wine growing areas of Australia.  You could liken it to Sonoma County north of San Francisco in the US.

First we drove through Hahndorf, a town settled by immigrants coming from Germany back in the 1800s.  The town is touristic and has a sort of germanic charm to it.

Below is one of the scenes of the Barossa Valley.

This tree was home to a couple and their 16 kids!  No kidding!  Talk about a tree house.  However, it seems instead of living up in the tree, they lived in the hollow base.

Finally we got to our first winery.  We visited Jacob's Creek winery.  They have an extensive (and generous) tasting for free.  We paid them though to taste their 50 year old tawney which I must say was delicious.  At $185 for a half bottle, I'm sure it was a fair price but out of our price range.  We did buy a few bottles of shiraz which we're still working our way through.

This is the Barossa Reservoir "Wisper Wall".  This was truly amazing.  I stood at one end and Penny at the other 150m away or so and I we could talk to one another just as if we were standing next to one another.  It was uncanny.

Several small towns in the Barossa valley.  This garage/antique shop sold old Chevrolets.

Autumn with the leaves turning colors here can be stunning.

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