Saturday 19 May 2012

Day 414: Atherton Tablelands

When you get to Cairns you are supposed to go drive around the Atherton Tablelands, sampling the local delicacies.  I can see how it's got a pleasant sort of almost provencal feel to it.  It's about 7 degrees cooler and a whole lot drier than Cairns.  We didn't have any particular plans so we just drove around in a big loop, stopping at a liqueur distillery to sample some very nice things we couldn't transport, and probably couldn't afford anyway.  And we found this amazing tree to look at for free.

It was only a quick tour because we were about to embark on the nightmare trip to Darwin.  We got on a Virgin Australia plane in Cairns, arrived in Brisbane at about 7pm, and connected to another plane to Darwin, arriving after midnight.  Mmmm... how we wish there was a train from Cairns through to Darwin. Anyway, we stayed at the airport hotel, which was very expensive, but a whole lot nicer than the hostel we went to the next day. 

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