Saturday 7 April 2012

Day 372: Taupo hot springs

I woke up to intense rain in Napier and decided to get out of there as soon as possible.  As soon as possible isn't very early with me, because I work on my writing early and don't check out until the last moment of 10 o'clock.  But when I did, I didn't hang around Napier.  I headed for Taupo, through showers and slides as usual until suddenly, the sun came out.  I decided to spend some of the afternoon in Taupo dealing with a bunch of administration and internet related stuff.  The place was absolutely packed with Kiwi families on their Easter break.  I have never seen New Zealand like this, not at the height of the tourist season.  I had a bunch of ideas for how to spend the afternoon, but when I checked in at my cabin, the hosts gave me a 25% discount pass for DeBrett's hot springs, so that settled it.  I got out my new bathing suit and headed for the hot pools.  They were a little different from any I had seen in New Zealand before, because they had a greenish colour.  I wondered if MIke would like them, and thought it probably was just as well we hadn't tried to come as a family last time we were here.  They were very warm, so I lounged around for a couple of hours, relaxing and people watching.  A lot of people are here, as I suspected, enjoying their Easter weekend.  But it is not so packed as to be uncomfortable.

Sunset over the lake, with tombstones in the foreground
I had thought when I checked in to my cabin that it was a particularly nice one.  I had not realised it had no heater until I arrived back in the twilight, already feeling cold.  I lay in bed and shivered all night and promised myself I would not stay in any more cabins now it was autumn. This one was the best value I could find in Taupo at the holiday, but in general, backpackers hostels work out cheaper for a single person anyway, and they are warm!  They are not cheaper, or more convenient for long-term family travel, which is why I have never really had the chance to discover the before.

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