Sunday 15 April 2012

Day 379: Franz Josef

In a way, I didn't quite realise how far it is all the way down to Wanaka.  Especially as I perhaps didn't take the fastest route.  I wanted to go along the West Coast via the glaciers, just in case it is my last opportunity to see one (!)  The last time I was down here, we went on a wild kiwi spotting tour in Okarito that was one of my most exciting experiences in New Zealand.  This time I was just passing through, almost just stopping to sleep in the place.  Franz Josef YHA is like Hanmer - one of the classiest.  This is the view from my window:

In the morning, I went for a quick look at the glacier and another quick look at the forest.  It had just rained on the West Coast so the forest was as I like them: all plump lichens and dripping mosses.  I really didn't stay long though, because I wanted to get to Wanaka in time to hang out and relax a bit.

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