Tuesday 23 March 2010

Barcelona, Objective Achieved

At last, a beach, some sun, and the opportunity to walk around barefoot!

After various vagaries of fortune (strikes, wrong addresses, and more) we reached the beach at Barcelona. It's all palm trees and fancy architecture. The beachcombing turned up some cool rocks, including lots of manmade bits and pieces, but few shells. Antonia found a 'treasure' that was once part of someone's floor, made of sparkly bits of rock set in cement. We walked along the beach and through the old town, picking up some cool pastries on the way and enjoying the atmosphere. Then we came to... the Mammoth Museum. Ok, ok, I have my doubts that any of this stuff you can touch and climb on is real, but it's the best thing that ever happened to Antonia in her entire life, so what can you say to that.
The guy who showed us round was pretty friendly and educational as well, so hey, it's all part of the roadschooling.

Antonia and I both like the old part of town best, but where we are staying is nice too. It's where all the art deco (or is it nouveau?) buildings are, and some of them are really beautiful. Plans for tomorrow include taking the outrageous cable car (Antonia), seeing Gaudi's famous church (Penny), and the other half of the old town I guess.

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