Tuesday 30 March 2010

Sunday, farniente...

We are in Fuente de Piedra, a little town with several things to recommend it:
a) it is small and sweet and has a famous fountain that cures all ills, even if it did stop working when there was an actual epidemic!
b) it has a 'laguna' outside - a brackish lake filled with flamingoes.
c) it is just about equidistant from Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda and the coast.
Maybe that recommendation could have come first and most importantly, but its trump card is the presence of a campsite that's open year round, in a country where inland campsites appear to be quite sparse. This one might feel a bit too much like a car park in high season, but as things are, it's virtually empty. We can take up about three spaces, and move our little table around to the sunniest spot. Actually, by the time you read this, we will not be in Fuente anyway, as there is no Internet access here.

We had a leisurely campsite lunch and then went for a walk round the laguna to look at flamingoes. It reminded me quite a lot of the Camargue except for the hills in the background.

It's also true that you can't get quite as close to the birds as in the Camargue park I usually go to. There are also lots of swallows flying very close to us, and quite a high wind, both of which also reminded me of my childhood. The local people seem to like it here as well - they were out en masse for their Sunday afternoon walks.

Back at out campsite we drew, read and cooked a camp dinner for the first time: actually we just heated up a Spanish tortilla and some mixed vegetables from the supermarket - still, pretty healthy.

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