Monday 14 June 2010

WHW Day 5 - Drymen to Bridge of Orchy

Total distance: 11.39 km
Start time: 9:26; End time: 13:28
Time spent actually walking: 2 h 43 mins
Time stopped: 1 h 00 mins

Hurrah! it's our short day! We need to do laundry so badly! We need to get on the internet so badly! But first, we need to walk at least a little bit.

And it turned out to be a really easy walk, just a stroll along the valley on some old military road. We have green hills on both sides, with very few trees now, a road and a railway for company (hmmm) and it is frankly quite warm! Bridge of Orchy seems to be basically a station and a quite smart hotel with a bunkhouse attached. We are in there! Well actually, we are currently in the lounge of the hotel enjoying the free internet, having just eaten a long and delicious meal. We are looking forward to another one tonight, and we are doing nothing at all but surf the 'net till then. There was a small hitch with the laundry, but I'm afraid it's rather to our advantage, and to the disadvantage of the poor girl in reception. The washing machine in the bunkhouse was broken, so she is doing our horrible, smelly, pongy, disgusting laundry for us... for a small sum of money of course.

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