Sunday 16 August 2009

North Holland Beach Day

We absolutely had to have a beach day. Having seen quite a bit of the Ijsselmeer side of North Holland, I decided to drive across the peninsula to look at the North Sea beaches. We started off in beautiful, sunny weather, quite optimistic about our chances of getting into swimsuits. By the time we got to the line of sand dunes that mark the coast, we were glad that we were keeping our sweaters and coats in the car. It really felt as if these dunes were holding back, not just the sea, but the clouds and rain as well - whilst amplifying the wind that keeps Holland's wind turbines going. The weather conditions didn't stop scantily clad Dutch people from enjoying their day at the seaside.

I actually prefer my beaches to be on the bracing side, so I was well served. We walked along a few kilometres of sand, beachcombing. Eventually, we found lots of washed up bright blue jellyfish, which we spent a pleasant half hour examining and dissecting. This made the day for Antonia the naturalist. We also found cuttlefish bones and miscellaneous shells, before retiring back to our car for hot drinks. As soon as we drove away from the coast, it was sunny again!

Antonia faces up to the wind, while Penny discovers yet another use for the spare tee-shirt - turn it into an impromptu headscarf to stop hair blowing around.

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