Sunday 9 August 2009

Off to Holland

We're off tomorrow before the crack of dawn, in the hope of hitting the streets of Bruges before 16:00. The next day, we drop Mike off at Hacking at Random 2009 in the Netherlands. What is that? In their own words: "Hacking at Random 2009 is an international technology & security conference. Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering."

A number of Mike's friends and acquaintances will be there also, but we are not allowed on the field unless we fork out the full price of the conference. I thought we would be missing nothing at all, but actually some of the 'ideological' parts of the program are quite up my street. Hopefully Mike will fill us in on how it goes. I gather HAR 2009 is sold out, by the way.

Antonia and I are going camping in North Holland, near Hoorn, in a place carefully selected for being near a train station to Amsterdam, beaches, walks, and so on. I decided to sign up for this trip pretty much on a whim. It was only recently that I realised that Hoorn is at the same latitude as my parent's home in the UK - a place where nothing on Earth would induce me to camp! I've been flying around packing more and more wet and cold weather and obsessively checking the weather forecast in the hope that it improves.

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