Wednesday 11 May 2011

Day 39: Fireworks over the Delaware

One of the great things about our houseboat is that we have the best view of the fireworks over on Camden Waterfront.  They seem to let them off very regularly and we just climb on to the roof deck of our boat and sit and enjoy.

Fireworks from our houseboat

We don't know why there are so many fireworks, but this evening is special as they are opening the Race Street Pier promenade.  This is a little park a couple of piers north or ours and it supposed to help to rejuvenate the waterfront.  Tickets for the opening event were $150 dollars each!  That's why our photos of the promenade are from the next day.

Antonia bouncing down the brand new seating

I can think of a few things that would improve the usability of the new park (and only cost another couple of billion dollars!).
  1. More attractive pedestrian access from the Old Town district, 
  2. Pedestrian access to the walkway over Ben Franklin bridge, perhaps from the stone pillar that's right between Old Town and the pier.
  3. An outdoor cafe in summer even if small.  Or even an ice cream stand!

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