Thursday 12 May 2011

Day 40: Thomas Jefferson and Declaration House

Today's roadschooling: the declaration of independence

Thomas Jefferson's parlour

We read the US declaration of independence and I tried very hard to explain all the sections of it to Antonia.  Later, we wandered over to the library to find a picture book about Thomas Jefferson (who wrote the declaration, for those who don't know).  Our nearest library is right next to Declaration House. I think this is a reconstruction of the house Thomas Jefferson was renting when he wrote the declaration, more or less on the same site.

In the library, after we read our picture book, I was looking at a completely unrelated book and learned that Thomas Jefferson had been unhappy with the way his colleagues had edited his declaration, but that he found it so hard to express himself orally, he didn't say anything.  I had been struck by the way the declaration changes style quite radically in at least one place, so it made sense.

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