Saturday 14 May 2011

Day 42: Horseshoe crabs

The dunes of Cape Henlopen, looking towards the Atlantic

Today, I got to tick another item off my list of ambitions: see a real live horseshoe crab.  When we arrived at Rehoboth Beach yesterday, I did not have the highest hopes.    The Atlantic coast is pretty enough, but it's a barren desert when it comes to wildlife.  It turns out that the secret is to get into the Delaware estuary just a few miles north on the other side of Cape Henlopen.  We found live horseshoes, eggs, and lots of dead carcasses.

A horseshoe crab minding its own business...
Antonia imitating David Attenborough

The nether regions of a horseshoe crab

Bonus dolphin sighting on the Atlantic side of  Cape Henlopen

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