Saturday 16 April 2011

Day 12: Mike's last day in London

Went to dinner with Liz and Simon and Simon's sister's family tonight.  After Liz and I walked around Camden. We watched this guy maneuver his boat into a lock quite bruskly, I was impressed.  We watched him move a couple of locks, then Liz and I decided to walk along the canal.  We found ourselves chatting with the owner and then he invited us to hang out with him and his friends for several hours!  So nice people!  He just lives on his boat, moors it wherever he wants and heads into work (he works in london).  Anyway, had a pretty good time, it was interesting to see his boat.  It was really quite small inside, about twice as long as my office and he had his entire house in it, bed, kitchen, livingroom, and bathroom.  The kitchen and livingroom were of course one.  The bedroom was at the rear of the boat.

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