Monday 25 April 2011

Day 15: The Eden Project

From here it looks like bubble wrap, but the domes of the Eden Project are architecturally impressive.  They're so well nestled in their clay quarry that you can't see them until you're descending the zigzag path into the quarry from the opposite side.  We went to the larger rainforest domes first.  The first thing that happened when we stepped inside is that my parents glasses fogged up.  The next is that we all began taking our clothes off.  It is very, very hot and humid in here.  They even have a special cool room for people who might not be able to take it, and while we were there, they had a stretcher case!

One of the coolest things to do is to climb to the viewing platform and look down over this jungle in a bubble.  The white balloon is the helium balloon the gardeners use to prune the tallest trees.  

We've all spent so much time in Mediterranean areas that the smaller dome was less impressive to us - but a whole lot more comfortable.  I could have had a nap.  These tulips were part of a temporary exhibition that also takes place in the Mediterranean zone.

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