Tuesday 5 April 2011

Mike's departure

Spent the morning doing last minute  cleaning.  I turned out the power, locked up the house and thought I’d better do one last walkthrough.  I found my coat with my cell phone, and 4 tires which should have been in Penny’s car, so they got loaded into the front seat of the rav.  Last night, forgot to bring a load of food to our friends, so it sat in the car all night, and the car stank of fish!  Fortuantly, our friend Antonio had some car deoderant with him!  I dropped the keys off at the agent, met up with Penny and Antonia at Guzzo’s and we set off for the train after leaving our rav4 with Guzzo for me to try and sell on the internet.  The train to Paris was uneventful.  Changing in Paris involved quite a lot of walking, especially at Gare du Nord.  I was a little worried about my Swiss knife but no problem in the end.  Eurostar was smooth, fast, and uneventful.  It was fun watching our progress on my gps on my phone.

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  1. Advice from a friend: You possibly shouldn't admit to the whole world that your sense of fun is watching your progress on your gps phone...
    You were right, the fish was excellent - even after a night in your car!